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Mar. 24th, 2011

I hate that I won't be able to make it to Summer in the City this year!   >__<    Deff saving for next summer though!  ^__^  I NEED to go.  I need to meet Tom Milsom.  Plus I've always wanted to go to London for a long time.  Years.  I would go this summer, but I'm moving this summer, which makes money kinda short.  But I will save for a whole year and hopefully I will be able to go next year.

Oh my gosh...But if I do meet him, I swear I will be like a puddle of mush.  Are there any gifs anywhere on the web of a person melting into a puddle of--well, person? That sounds incredibly bizarre.

Seriously though.  I know he's human, as are we all, but...Augh!  He's incredibly brilliant and I don't mean with instruments and music.  He's awesome with that, but that's beside the point.  He's intelligent, he's witty, he's adorable, he likes to snuggle.  I read his twitter feed all the time and that just makes me want to meet him more.  He seems like an all around wonderful person and would love love love to meet him in person.  I just know that if I do end up meeting him in person, I'll just make myself look like a twat.  And it's not because he's "famous" because really he's not.  He's just "famous on youtube".

Like I said before, he's brilliant, witty, and basically a genius in my book.  He said on his last--or the last one I saw--BlogTV with PJ, that he was average or he considered himself average.  And all I could say to that was "No you're not!"  Not because of his musical talent but because he is smart and witty and highly intelligent.  I mean, yeah, musically inclined, but that aside...If I just saw him on youtube and he didn't have his musical talent or his blue hair...Hell, even if he didn't have his accent I'd still be crazy about him.  I love smart guys.  He's so brilliant and smart and witty and I can just feel my heart breaking as I write this because I have no idea what I would do if I never met him.  I would be so sad.

If I did meet him though....Gah! I don't even know.  I think I'd combust in the presence of his awesomeness.  And it has nothing to do with his talent.  It would be because of his intelligence.  I would be so afraid to say something stupid and have him think me a twat so instead I would just be quiet (you know, after I got over the initial shock of meeting him and finally got my voice back.)  Although, then he would think me a twat too.  I just can't win. >_<

One of my friends said she's always wanted to go to London, so we're gonna try to go sometime, maybe in a few years.  I think, even if she doesn't have the money to go with me to Summer in the City 2012, I'm gonna find a group or get a group together to go with me, because 1) I don't want to go alone and 2) I NEED TO GO!

I'm done now.

Basic summary of this mini-rant: 1) Tom Milsom is highly intelligent; 2) I'd make myself look like fool if I ever met him; 3) If he were a normal person I'd still feel this way; 4) Even if he weren't famous on youtube, I'd still I needed to meet him or I'd die on the inside; 5) I don't think a lot of people understand how wonderfully intelligent and brilliant Tom really is.  All they see when they look at him are A) Blue hair; B) British; C) A hot guy who can play lots of instruments.

Not a lot of people look past the exterior into the interior.  He's a person too, y'know.

Writer's Block: Ride the lightning

Should people who are sentenced to life in prison be allowed the death penalty as an option, and why?

No.  They should live with the guilt of whatever they did.  Death lets them off too easily.  They don't have to live with the guilt like the family has to live with the sadness of losing a loved one if the convict is offered the death penalty.  Simple as that.

Writer's Block: Not again

Are there any movies that you watched over and over again as a child that you can't stand today?

You want to know something funny? I watched Leprechaun when I was like 8 or 9. (And I loved it.) You know Leprechaun. It's the movie about the leprechaun who is obsessed with gold and will let nothing stop him from removing it from a person, like say fingers for instance. I remember he liked to rip rings off hands, taking the finger with it. (Actually I think that was a scene from Leprechaun 2 or some scene around the beginning of 3.)

Yeah, my dad let me watch it with him. And I loved it. (And my friends wonder what's wrong with me...) I missed it so I rewatched it. I think I only watched half of the first one because I realized it wasn't anything like I thought. It wasn't what I remembered, it was mainly gore. Not scary, just gory. Ewww. So I turned it off.

I think that's the only one I remember...

Writer's Block: Children of the sun

How do you think aliens would regard our society? If an alien ship landed in your backyard, would you run away or bring a bundt cake?

Personally, I think the alien would run away screaming from our society. Albeit, humans would run screaming from the alien because, you know, it's an alien and that's just what humans do. That or beat it dead with a stick...Because that's just we do to the unknown...We beat it with a stick. -_-;


Me personally, I would greet it and welcome it into my house and give it a nice warm bed to sleep in. I would apologize for this horrid Ohio snow and tell it that it should fly to Hawaii where it's pleasant and warm. I would also ask if I could come along with it to Hawaii.

I'm too nice for my own good. Chances are that if an alien does land in my backyard, knowing my luck, it would shoot me down with some kind of plasma beam because it would see me as a threat. Although, that's a new way to die. We shall call it "Death by Alien" and I will be the first. ^_____^ (Yeah, no idea why I'm so happy about that.) lololol